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We Should Learn How To Create A Homemade Flashlight

There are a lot of people who are not able to afford getting a flashlight and it would be great for them to know how to create one as they would surely be able to use it during emergency situations. You can do making a flashlight as a hobby or as a thing that you could do with your kids as it can be very interesting that is why it would be great if you could learn some stuff about it. Building your own flashlight can be convenient as there are a lot of materials that are much cheaper for you to buy separately, you would be able to do it properly if you would learn on how to make a durable and good one. You would be able to but all of the materials that you would need for a homemade flashlight at a dollar store or any kind of convenient store that would be near your area that is why it would surely be easy for you to find the materials that you are going to need for your project. You will need paper towel or toilet paper rolls, batteries, electrical tapes, a short copper wire and a light bulb that would have the appropriate capacity that your batteries would be able to handle.

You would need to fasten the copper wires on the negative parts of the batteries with the use of an electrical tape and you should make sure that when you insert your batteries in the toilet paper roll that you should be able to seal it properly with the electrical tape at the bottom end so that it can be properly secured and would not move around. In order for you to make sure that everything is tight, you should make sure that you are able to proper secure the wires and the batteries with the electrical tapes. The next thing that you need to do is to attach the light bulb on top of the battery and you may be able to tape it on the toilet paper roll so that it can be secured, it is important that your copper wire would have a part that you could attach to the silver part of the light bulb as it is what would make it light up.